Garage Cleanout Services

There are many garage clean out companies near you, but make sure you choose the best of the best: Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal!


At the end of the day, it only makes sense to park your car in the garage. However, if there’s a bunch of clutter parked in your garage instead, there won’t be any room for your vehicle. What’s the fastest way to resolve this problem? Try calling Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal! We are Nashville’s #1 junk removal business, and when it comes to garage cleanout services, we’re always ready to get to work!

Why Our Garage Junk Removal?

Instead of forcing yourself through the DIY clean out process, try our garage cleanout services! After all, our professional crew can finish the work much more quickly. A garage full of junk won’t slow us down, and we’ll be able to remove everything within it, including old car parts, tools, toolboxes, shelves, plastic bins, and more. Once we’ve emptied out the space, you might even be surprised at how open your garage feels!

As a local business, it’s always our pleasure to serve our neighbors. That’s why we’re always friendly, and on top of that, affordable to boot. Did you know our garage clean out cost is determined by how much junk we take off your hands? With this “volume-based pricing”, you’re guaranteed a fair rate no matter how large your mess is. Save money and choose Trashy’s!

Our Garage Cleanout Process
  1. You can’t see our crew without scheduling an appointment, so without further ado, contact us online to confirm your appointment details with us!
  2. We will make sure we’re there right on time. Then, we’ll provide you with an upfront quote. You’ll always know what you’re paying from the start.
  3. Accept our quote, and we’ll be able to empty out your garage. Let us know if there are any items you’d like to keep. We’ll put them in a separate pile.
  4. Finally, we’ll load your unwanted items into our truck, put the “keepers” back in the garage, and accept your final payment. Pretty easy, right?

Donating Garage Junk to Reduce Waste

Garages are often home to many “hidden treasures”. It could be you put an old piece of furniture out there that’s still in good condition. Maybe one of those boxes is filled with old video games and comic books. Even your yard tools might still be useable, even if you don’t want them any longer. At Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal, we adhere to the belief that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. That’s why we’ll donate any gently used items that you don’t wish to keep. It’s a fantastic way to keep our landfills a little less full.

About Us

Five-star service isn’t found at a franchise-based junk removal company. It’s found at a locally owned and operated one! Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal is run by a Tennessee family, and we’d like to invite you to be part of our family, too. Give us a call, and we’ll confirm the details of your garage cleanout services. Then, we’ll be there soon with wide smiles on our faces. It’s time for us to get to work!

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