Appliance Removal in Nashville, TN

Getting rid of appliances doesn’t have to be your responsibility to stress over. Offload your appliances and your stress at the same time by reaching out to Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal for help! We can haul away your old appliances no matter how heavy they are!


Most people in Nashville, TN and other nearby service areas can’t lift heavy appliances alone. However, sometimes, you’ll find that circumstances demand the immediate removal of these very devices. For example, if your refrigerator fails, you’ll have to swap it out fast to save all that food. You may also want to get rid of your washer, dryer, or some other kind of appliance. If you can’t do it alone, then ask Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal for help instead. We make appliance removal in Nashville, TN look easy!

You might only have one pair of hands, but our team has several. Not only that, but those hands are attached to burly, muscular arms that can lift appliances with ease. So stand back and let us handle the work. We’ve got this under control!

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Why Our Nashville, TN Appliance Removal?

Want to get rid of an old refrigerator without even having to stand up? Need to have someone remove a washer and dryer set that is a few decades too old? Do you wish you could have someone help you remove an old freezer from the basement? You can make all these things happen with appliance removal in Nashville, TN from your friends at Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal. Our professionals are prepared to haul away all your unwanted appliances for a fair and affordable price!

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Appliance Removal Experts

What you pay is based on how much of our truck space is used by your appliance, or appliances. (This is the same volume-based scale we use to price all our junk removal services, in fact.) We’ll estimate the total volume of your unwanted items at the start of your appointment. Then, we’ll use this volume to calculate the price. Finally, we’ll tell you that price upfront so you know what you owe us before we’ve even begun hauling your appliances away!

To receive a free estimate or schedule an appointment, just give us a shout! Our online contact form is available 24/7, meaning there’s never a bad time to send us a message. Just click Book Now to get started with that. We even provide same-day and next-day scheduling, so if you want to see us as soon as possible, let us know, and we can be there as soon as today or tomorrow.

How Appliance Hauling Works
  1. If there’s anything Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal doesn’t do, it’s late appearances. Count on us to be there on time. Our team is punctual and ready to serve you.
  2. After we’ve taken a look at the appliance that you want to get rid of, approve our upfront service quote. We’ll prepare to haul the appliance away immediately afterwards.
  3. We’ll lug the appliance to our truck, using a moving dolly if necessary. Once we’ve loaded the appliance into the truck, we’ll sweep up where it was once standing, too.
  4. Finally, we’ll accept your payment and head out of there! Thanks for choosing Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal, your local junk removal partners!

We Do Nashville Appliance Recycling to Save the Earth

As it turns out, metal appliances don’t just “break down” inside a landfill. Things like steel and plastic don’t ever decompose. Because of this, we don’t think it’s very eco-friendly to dump appliances in the landfill. That’s precisely why we recycle as many of the appliances we collect as possible.

Consider all the different recyclable components inside of your appliances. Of course, there are the aforementioned steel and plastic parts. On top of that, though, there may also be glass screens, fiberglass pieces, and aluminum plating. We’ll make sure these parts of taken to local recyclers, publicly owned or privately owned, to ensure they don’t wind up in the dump. In some cases, we don’t even have to recycle the appliances because they’re in good enough condition to be donated! When this occurs, you can rest easy knowing your appliance has changed hands and now has an owner that’s using it for all it’s worth.

About Us

Why settle for a frustrating junk removal franchise when Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal is rocking a five-star review score on Google? We’ve received such high marks because of our commitment to our customers. We don’t just work fast. We work fast while never cutting corners, and on top of that, our affordable prices make our clients happy, too. We’re the whole package when it comes to a fantastic customer experience! Whether you need appliance removal in Nashville, TN or another one of our services, it’s a sure bet we will leave you completely satisfied.

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