Junk Removal Services in Millersville, TN

Want to lose the junk without having to spend the day doing hard manual labor? Our haul away service in Millersville, TN is the key to ensuring you don’t have to do any work. Our professionals look forward to doing it all for you!


Millersville, TN is often described as “Tennessee’s Best Kept Secret”. There’s certainly some truth to this statement. Despite not being too well-known, Millersville is home to friendly people, charming shops and restaurants, and gorgeous natural sites, too. This secret deserves to be kept beautiful, too, so if you have junk on your property, don’t just let it sit there. Get rid of it without ever lifting a finger with our junk removal services in Millersville, TN. The team at Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal can’t wait to serve you!

When you can’t seem to get rid of your junk any other way, professional teams such as us can help you out. Did Millersville’s trash collection services reject your garbage? Were you unable to get it all to the curb due to its sheer weight? We’d love to solve these problems for you. While we do all the hard work, feel free to take a break and spend the time however you’d like. You’ve earned it.

Why Our Millersville Junk Removal?

The benefits of avoiding the do-it-yourself junk removal process are clear. You’ll skip a bunch of physical labor, and you’ll also save lots of time. However, when you’re shopping around for a professional junk pick up, it might not always be clear which business to choose. After all, there are so many different junk removal franchises out there. Maybe the best choice would be to not choose a franchise at all. Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal isn’t part of a nationwide chain—instead, we’re locally owned and operated. How does this help you? Since we don’t have to help pay for enormous, country-spanning advertising campaigns, we can offer lower junk removal prices. Save money by picking our junk removal services in Millersville, TN!

But how exactly do these junk removal prices work? We use a volume-based cost model to determine how much you’ll owe. Here’s how it works. At the beginning of your appointment, just show us all the stuff you want us to take away. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, electronics, clothes, toys, or trash, we can haul it. We’ll estimate the total truck space it will all use up, then prepare an upfront quote for your approval. The long story short is that you’ll always know what you’re paying from the very start of the service!

Millersville Junk Hauling

You won’t just love our prices. You’ll also love our team! Our employees are always happy to serve, and they’re always prepared to take on a real junk removal challenge. Even if you have heavy items or big projects for us to tackle, we’ll be sure to see them through from start to finish. We won’t get grumpy or tire out along the way, either. We’re dependable, and we want to hear from you today. So don’t wait to reach out to us! Contact us online to let us know more about how we can serve you. That way, we can get your appointment on our calendar ASAP!

How It Works
  1. When you receive our courtesy call, you’ll know that we’re driving to your location. It won’t be long before our truck is in front of your property. Get a warm greeting from our crew!
  2. After you give us the opportunity to see everything we’re hauling away, we’ll prepare an upfront quote for you. Just approve this quote, and we’ll begin hauling away your junk.
  3. We take care to not drop any junk or leave anything behind as we handle the work. In no time, we’ll have all that clutter in our truck and off your property. We’ll sweep up, too.
  4. The last step is processing your payment. You’ll pay the same amount you approved earlier with zero hidden fees added on. Thanks for choosing a local business!

Hoarding Clean Outs in Millersville, TN

Hoarded junk can create cramped, claustrophobic conditions around a home. Not only that, but it can pose a health risk, too. Nobody wants rats hiding in piles of hoarded trash, and nobody wants an increased possibility of house fires because of a hoard, either. If you or a loved one has a hoarding problem and need to clear out the clutter, call on us for help. We can make those mountains of junk move into our truck to help a hoarder reclaim their space. We will be friendly and courteous all throughout the appointment to ensure the least stressful hoarder clean out possible.

About Us

Your neighbors in Millersville and other nearby service areas call Trashy’s Hauling & Junk Removal when they have clutter that needs to be cleaned up. Take a look at our five-star reviews, and you’ll quickly begin to see why. People love our speedy service, our low prices, and our many hardworking team members that go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Clearly, we’re more than “just another junk removal business”. We’re something special, and we’ll treat you especially well as a result!